Current Business Partners

The Hospital Council of Northern & Central California and the Hospital Association of Southern California have come together to create a statewide business partner program called California Hospital Share.

Why California Hospital Share?

This business partner program provides cutting edge and cost effective solutions for our member hospitals.

Business partners selected are expected to meet high quality standards and offer products or services that help health care facilities:

  •          Avoid costs
  •          Recover revenue
  •          Reduce operating and capital expenses
  •          Improve management and quality
  •          Increase productivity
  •          Develop staff resources
  •          Apply new strategies

Through a process of due diligence, Hospital Share staff perform the necessary evaluation and analysis of the potential partner, followed by approval and endorsement by the Hospital Share Executive Selection Committee.

Paul Young
Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Reimbursement
(213) 538-0777

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