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Current Business Partners

The Hospital Council of Northern & Central California and the Hospital Association of Southern California have come together to create a statewide business partner program called California Hospital Share.

Why California Hospital Share?

This business partner program provides cutting edge and cost effective solutions for our member hospitals.

Business partners selected are expected to meet high quality standards and offer products or services that help health care facilities:

  •          Avoid costs
  •          Recover revenue
  •          Reduce operating and capital expenses
  •          Improve management and quality
  •          Increase productivity
  •          Develop staff resources
  •          Apply new strategies

Through a process of due diligence, Hospital Share staff perform the necessary evaluation and analysis of the potential partner, followed by approval and endorsement by the Hospital Share Executive Selection Committee.

Darryl Sanford
Director, Member Relations & Association Services
(213) 538-0772​

Strategic Business Partner

Atlas Lift Tech

Atlas Lift Tech combines clinical and operational experience to build effective, low-cost Safe Patient Handling and Movement (SPHM) programs customized to fit individual hospitals’ needs.

Atlas offers the following services:

  • Staffing hospital facilities with lift coaches to train and assist hospital personnel
  • Implementing procedures that meet new legislated SPHM standards
  • Use of Atlas’ iOS-based application to assist hospital staff with SPHM scheduling and tracking of equipment & SPMH tasks
  • Data analysis and reporting capability to support hospital management’s efforts to improve patient care and meet the legislation compliance standards
Strategic Business Partner


Focused on health care security since 1967, HSS Inc. of Denver, Colo. is a national leader in the field. HSS offers multiple options in its Techniques for Effective Aggression Management (TEAM) training courses. What’s more, TEAM courses are modular, letting you tailor training to risk levels in each department — and to your budget.

Offerings include TEAM Essentials, TEAM Advanced and TEAM Instructor. Visit HSS’s website to learn more.

Strategic Business Partner

InSight Telepsychiatry

One of two California Hospital Share telehealth partners, InSight Telepsychiatry is a leading national telepsychiatry service provider with a mission to transform access to behavioral health care through innovative applications of technology. InSight has two decades of experience, serves hundreds of organizations, and is positioned to offer scalable telepsychiatry services in settings across the continuum of care. 

Strategic Business Partner


MCAG is a class action settlement recovery service that has delivered more than $225 million to hospitals and other customers eligible for a share of settlement payouts. The firm’s settlement experts continually research the need and eligibility for class actions on behalf of current and potential clients. 

MCAG professionals notify clients of opportunities and are able to submit claims without requiring additional client action.

There is no fee for MCAG’s services. Services are delivered based on a contingent fee of 20 percent of recoveries.

Strategic Business Partner

SafeGuard Asset Recovery

SafeGuard offers HIPAA-compliant processing and audit reporting for all retired and obsolete health care related IT (computers, laptops, servers etc..) and medical equipment, including certified hard drive destruction.

SafeGuard delivers these services — and provides your organization with certified asset reports and quarterly sustainability data when the job is complete.

Strategic Business Partner


SpeedTrack’s California Universal Patient Information Discovery, or CUPID, is a subscription-based application that puts information on every inpatient discharge, ED visit and ambulatory surgery encounter–from every hospital in California–at your fingertips. Answers to questions about competitive assessment, payer mix, diagnoses, procedures, LOS and service areas are fast and intuitive to explore and discover with the service.

Strategic Business Partner

Manager of 340B programs

SUNRx manages 340B programs that expand access to affordable medications, provide financial benefits to the hospital and its uninsured, and meet the highest levels of regulatory compliance.

The SUNRx team has been managing 340B programs since 2006, and has extensive pharmacy benefit management and payer experience. SUNRx offers split billing, invoice analysis and other services to manage pharmacy programs.

SUNRx is a corporate partner with Safety Net Hospitals for Pharmaceutical Access (SNHPA) and the exclusive 340B partner with 27 state hospital associations in 25 states.

Strategic Business Partner


Differentiate your hospital from the competitors with an executive or physician benefits package that keeps the long-term financial goals of your hospital in mind.  TriscendNP, formerly The CAP-Ex Group, offers a compelling retirement plan that rewards key talent while simultaneously returning all cash contributed into the plan, plus interest, back to your hospital.  Instead of an expense, you now have an asset (receivable).  TriscendNP allows hospitals and health care organizations to deploy resources in innovative ways that more effectively meet the needs of the institutionand its stakeholders.

Strategic Business Partner

Vituity Telepsychiatry

One of two California Hospital Share telehealth partners, Emeryville, Calif.-based Vituity Telepsychiatry is part of Vituity — a physician-led and owned partnership founded as CEP in 1971. Core services include emergency medicine, acute psychiatry, acute neurology, hospital medicine, anesthesia, and critical care – in addition to telehealth solutions.

Darryl Sanford
Director, Member Relations & Association Services
(213) 538-0772

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