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A More Responsible Approach to Retention and Retirement Planning

With increasing levels of attention toward compensation practices at non-profit hospitals and health systems, alternative options are being developed to provide benefits for executives and physicians in a more responsible manner.

The traditional way of providing non-qualified benefit plans is the same in non-profit sectors as in for-profit sectors.  These types of plans, such as SERPs or 457(f) deferred compensation, may use capital in a less efficient manner and result in permanent loss of funds, which may then attract higher levels of scrutiny by stakeholders.

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iVantage Health Analytics® Acquires Professional Data Services
iVantage to Offer ACO and Bundled Payment Analytics Supporting Hospital Sustainability

PORTLAND, ME and LOS ANGELES, CA – October 14, 2013 — iVantage Health Analytics, Inc., a leading provider of health analytic solutions under the new healthcare, today announced the acquisition of Professional Data Services (“PDS”), a solution offering managed care analytics and internal and external payment benchmarking to support payor negotiations and strategic planning. The terms and conditions of the purchases were not disclosed.

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A More Responsible Approach to Retention Planning

Legislators, regulators, unions, the media and the general public are increasingly pushing for more transparency of nonprofit healthcare organizations.Public reporting requirements, such as the IRS Form 990, help to ensure financial practices are visible to the public.As a result, non-qualified benefit plans, such as Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs) or 457(f) deferred compensation plans, are attracting higher levels of scrutiny due to the permanent loss of funds.The public tends to look unfavorably upon large payouts to executives when instead those funds could have been allo

Press release

The CAP-Ex Group Partners with HASC on Strategy for Improving Stewardship of Resources for Hospitals through Executive Benefit Planning

Dallas, Texas – June 22, 2012 (The CAP-Ex Group) – Offering an alternative solution for healthcare organizations to transform executive and physician benefit expenses into assets, the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) designated The CAP-Ex Group as their Strategic Business Partner for Non-Qualified Executive Benefit Planning.

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Six Steps for Managing the Revenue Impact of Clinical Process Redesign

With the many changes brought on by health care reform, clinical process redesign is at the forefront. Hospitals are doing what they can to reduce costs while improving quality—and the results have been impressive.  Quality scores are increasing, readmissions are declining, LOS is dropping, complication rates are falling, and ICU stays are shorter.  These clinical process improvements increase patient satisfaction, and they often result in lower costs to the hospital. But what can you do about the negative impact on revenue?

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